About Me


Founder and Flower addict

Hey there gorgeous!

I first experienced the Sydney Flower Markets one early February morning in 2014. It was the day of my engagement party, and I’d convinced my mum to join me at 5am for a mission to obtain some gorgeous blooms to decorate our party (in my pre child life this was an unheard of time to be awake – one should only be up so early if one has not yet gone to bed! How life changes?!)

As I walked into the markets at the crack of dawn and saw the sea of rich colour and the hustle and bustle of the morning market trade, I knew the early morning was worth it. This was totally my jam!

I’ve always loved having flowers in my home. I wanted to have them everyday, but I found the selections at my local florist underwhelming and the price a little OTT. I tried out a few subscription services (I’m a big fan of subscriptions I must say) but found them expensive and disappointing. Sometimes the arrangements were gorgeous, but other times they missed the mark for me with what felt like more foliage than flowers.

I knew I wanted more. Access to unique and interesting flower varieties that rarely featured at the local florist but I knew were out there just waiting to adorn my dining table.

I knew the markets were my answer, but then it occurred to me, surely I wasn’t the only one with this problem. How many others were missing out on the joy of fresh flowers in their home…And that’s how We Bloom came to be. 

Flowers bring us so much joy, yet having fresh flowers in the home is so often seen as a luxury item, something of special occasions or rare splurges. I want to change that, to make a weekly bunch of fresh flowers no more luxurious than your daily cup of coffee. By selecting a simple mix of seasonal locally grown varieties, sourcing in bulk directly from the growers, and personally delivering to our local area, a We Bloom Flower Subscription makes that market fresh bunch affordable and convenient. 

I do the early mornings so you don’t have to.



Since launching in 2018, We Bloom has blossomed from a simple subscription service run from the boot of my car to a full blown floristry offering, servicing Sydney’s Hills District and beyond.


Working with fantastic local small businesses, we strive to make the act of giving flowers as an enjoyable experience as receiving them.

Events and Weddings

Focusing on Micro Weddings and DIY events,  we’re here to make your special day one to remember. Visit our Weddings page for more details.


Learn to create your own gorgeous florals for your next event or just for everyday. Coming Soon.